Our People and Culture

The foundation of our ESG initiatives is our culture—and our culture is rooted in our values, which govern how we operate and interact with one another. We’re committed to furthering a culture that attracts extraordinary talent, helps every individual become their best self, and unlocks each person’s greatest potential.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

We are always working to become a more diverse and inclusive company, where all team members feel they belong and can reach their fullest potential. We believe this is critical for us to successfully execute and achieve our vision of a transparent and inclusive work environment. Practically, we believe the principles and day-to-day actions needed to drive our diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (“DEI&B”) efforts should be embedded in our processes, our leadership behaviors and the way we respect and work with one another.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion starts at the top of our organization—our Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is a woman. In addition to our Chairman, we have one additional woman director and one African American/Black individual serving as a director on our Board, and our Board is committed to diversity and fostering an inclusive environment. While we will always strive for continued improvement, we are proud of the diverse workforce we have built to date, and it is an asset of CLEAR. As of December 31, 2023, we had 3,698 full time employees with our largest workforces in New York, Los Angeles and Orlando. Overall, for fiscal year 2023 our team is approximately 58% women and 42% men. In the field, women represent 61% of our ambassadors. People of color represent 89% of our field population. While we have room to grow, we are proud that 43% of our corporate team members are people of color.

Our efforts on DEI&B are guided by four pillars focused on Recruiting, Development, Community Building and Internal Education. And importantly, the progress we make is driven by all team members living our values and creating an environment where they can be their best selves and do their best work.

Supporting Communities

Our mission has always been about people - whether it is our great people, our extraordinary members, our dedicated partners or our communities. We work to stay true to our values by giving back to the communities where we work in a variety of ways. For example, we celebrated the completion of our IPO with a Day of Service, during which all meetings were postponed, and offices closed, so our team members across our New York, Austin and Washington, DC offices could spend the day volunteering with community partners to give back. We also partner with local organizations such as our Season of Service, an annual fundraising campaign run over the holidays, and the Atlanta Mayor’s Youth Scholarship Fund, which supports Atlanta youth with scholarships and assistance for college, and Girls Who Code, which supports programs to increase the number of women in computer science. As part of our launch at Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport, we committed to making a charitable donation to support rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Fiona. We also supported the Hawaii Community Fund in response to the Maui wildfires. We are proud of how we help our communities across the country, and look forward to continuing our efforts to make a difference.

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to promoting environmental sustainability, both at our company and on our platform. We’re early in our journey to understand how we can take action to support a healthier environment and climate. We are working towards developing a sustainability strategy to address the environmental impact of our operations.

While we work to develop a holistic approach, we are taking steps to ensure we are minimizing our environmental impact every day. This is seen in our corporate office locations–we intentionally select corporate office locations that are easily accessible by public transit to reduce the environmental impact of employee commuting. We also offer free membership to bike share platforms like CitiBike in New York city, encouraging our employees to use environmentally friendly modes of transportation. In addition, we provide meals and snacks to our corporate employees through our sustainable food program, which focuses on minimal packaging, compostable utensils, and working with vendors and partners that are local and also focused on sustainable practices. In our offices, we sort our waste into recyclable and disposable categories and manage it accordingly. Recognizing that generating less waste is best for the environment, we focus on reducing and recycling our waste. We also focus on reducing energy consumption by installing LED lighting in our corporate offices, which is up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lighting. We use sensors that turn lights off when spaces are unoccupied, which not only cuts our energy consumption, but reduces light pollution at night.

Looking externally, we are proud to say that all of our in-airport signage is 100% recyclable, and we are in the process of engaging vendors to help us make sure that this is true for our sports and entertainment venue signage too. And, our platform is powered by Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), which is on its way to being 100% powered with renewable energy by 2025.

As we grow and mature as a publicly listed company, we also continue to assess our environmental impact, and gather information to establish a baseline for our environmental impacts across our company and platform, such as greenhouse gas emissions and waste. With this information, we will work to establish a high-level strategy and identify our core priorities that address our greatest environmental impacts.